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 Buster Squad

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PostSubject: Buster Squad   Buster Squad Icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2017 5:35 pm

Rather than suspension, students are punished at Lawicke by being relegated to the Buster Squad, which handles the school's admitted infestation. The Buster Squad is charged with wrangling and defeating wild Pokémon that wander the academy halls and facilities after curfew. First-time and low-level offenders will only have to spend one session with the Busters before being released from Squad duty, but repeat rule violators will find themselves here more often.

The Buster Squad also eagerly accepts any willing volunteers, but who'd want to do that?

During sessions, Buster Squad members will explore a specific area of the school in order to handle the latest infestation and given a specific number of Pokémon to defeat. Roll the Capture Dice, like any other area where you're hunting wild Pokémon, and clear out all the wild Pokémon in the area. You'll find all kinds and sorts of Pokémon, obviously outside of their usual habitat, and this might be a good opportunity to catch a new partner. Be careful, though. Busters sometimes have to deal with Pokémon out of their league, and you might just get cornered in the fight of your life...
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Buster Squad
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