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 Team Dusk

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PostSubject: Team Dusk   Team Dusk Icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2017 5:25 pm

A gang of miscreants and troublemakers that have become a staple of school life at Lawicke. Even in their school uniforms, Team Dusk members can be identified by their gold Duskull-stamped tokens, which are either kept hidden in their pockets, sewn on the inside of their jackets, or worn and proudly displayed as jewelry. They are a motley assortment consisting of well-bred honor students and lowly thugs and everyone in between. Members use the term "good friends" as a euphemism for their fellow gang members (e.g. "meet my good friend Guest.")

Common activities include bullying, Pokémon theft, poaching, blackmail, violence, cheating exams, and other petty mischief. Stolen items, including things like answer sheets and contraband, will often be resold in the school's well-circulated black market.

Joining Team Dusk is an easy way to get ahead at Lawicke. For your loyalty, you earn protection, support, and a crew of friends to belong to, and this support network will back you and help advance your ambitions. In turn, you help protect, support, and do other odd jobs on the behalf of other members. This system allows Team Dusk members an edge against their "clean" peers.

Outsiders can also benefit from working with Team Dusk. In exchange for a favor owed to Team Dusk, you can approach the boss to ask for whatever you need help with, and the boss may listen. Getting involved with these kinds of people might be more trouble than it's worth, however.

The gang has several laws, collectively known as the Creed.

1. Mess with one of us, mess with all of us.
2. Good friends shall not fight good friends.
3. Good friends shall not steal from good friends.
4. Don't flake. Never snitch. Always be ready for duty.
5. Don't talk back to the boss. A weak boss cannot be boss.

Earning the gang's ire will result in getting a "Black Mark." A gang member will dip their token in ink, press it against a piece of paper, and slip it where you'll be sure to find it. The message is simple. "Watch your back. We're coming for you." This symbol will brand you as an enemy of Team Dusk. Associating with someone who's earned a Black Mark is asking for trouble. Being exiled or leaving the gang on bad terms will almost always result in being branded with the Mark.

In-fighting is forbidden by the Creed, but power struggles will still occasionally break out nevertheless. The gang's boss appoints a right hand captain (second-in-command) and left hand captain (third-in-command), who in turn give out orders to the rest of Team Dusk. "Weak bosses" can and will be challenged by their underlings for the title of new boss, which results in the occasional civil split, and the rest of the student body is often dragged into the crossfire.

Loyal Team Dusk members all receive a cut of their collective loot which is collected once a month in the Earnings forum.
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Team Dusk
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