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 Lawicke's Amulet - the Challenge

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Lawicke's Amulet - the Challenge Empty
PostSubject: Lawicke's Amulet - the Challenge   Lawicke's Amulet - the Challenge Icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2017 1:49 pm

The Prince of Lawicke is the formal title of whatever trainer currently holds Lawicke's Amulet. This amulet is a silver pendant embedded with a red jewel, an old Lawicke family heirloom, and the symbol of the strongest trainer in the school. There is rarely a single Prince or Princess for long—beating the holder will transfer the amulet and transfer the title of Prince or Princess.

With this symbol of power there are several benefits. There's the obvious prestige, popularity, and bragging rights that go with the honor, but you also gain 150 credits for winning and an additional 100 credits for every week you successfully keep your title. As Prince or Princess, your name will be inscribed in the Hall of Fame as part of the long chain of title holders who came before you.

This also means several responsibilities as the acting amulet holder. The Prince or Princess cannot under any circumstance refuse a battle, and the Prince or Princess cannot give the amulet away willingly. Even losing a friendly match will result in the loss of the amulet.

Some title holders exploit a loophole in the tradition's long established rules by hiring bodyguards to put between them and potential challengers. As long as you promise to battle, even under a special condition (such as having to battle bodyguards first), you are technically not in violation of your responsibilities as Prince or Princess of the school.

The current Prince or Princess of Lawicke will be marked with a special crown above their avatar. In roleplay, title holders will be easy to identify as the talk of the school, even if they do their best to hide from their newfound fame.
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Lawicke's Amulet - the Challenge
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