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 All About Lawicke

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Haven is a small, remote, and lightly populated region, covered in swathes of wilderness and dotted with small towns and hamlets, boasting no major cities. It doesn't have Sinnoh's world-class Pokémon League or Alola's weather, but Haven does have one claim to international prestige.

Welcome to Lawicke Academy (pronounced leh-wik), an elite boarding school for young trainers aged 13 to 18. Founded by the world-renowned Lawicke battling family, the academy has propelled to global fame and stature.

Lawicke is fierce rivals with other prominent schools around the world, in both academic scores and competitive events, most prominently:

Pierce Academy in Kanto
Wisteria Academy in Johto
Seymour Academy in Hoenn
Yuki Academy in Sinnoh
Royale Academy in Unova
Delacroix Academy in Kalos
Kalani Academy in Alola
Dacaer Academy in Kanapa

Among other rival schools of this caliber, Lawicke is sometimes derided for its aging facilities and its supposed "infestation." Wild Pokémon are known to sometimes wander the halls, although the school embraces this as a point of pride.

Children can only be enrolled by having their named into the school's lottery. Rumor has it, however, that wealthy families can make "donations" to ensure their child's name is selected. All new students are enrolled at age 13 except under special circumstances.

New students from across the world most often first arrive in Haven's largest population center, Aster Town, and take the train up to Brooke Station. From there, it's a hike up to the promontory where Lawicke stands above the sea, proud atop the cliffs. In a ceremony called the Choosing, students will then pick their first companion in the auditorium, picking a random Poké Ball that they are most drawn to. No student will know what Pokémon it will be until after they choose.

Lawicke's student-run economy is based on credits. Credits are a digital currency which are transferred through your trainer license, which doubles as a school ID. All transactions are automatic.

The school's crest is Lugia in the shape of a crescent moon, although Litwick is a popular mascot for obvious reasons. School colors are purple, black, and gold. Every student is issued a school uniform, which is required.
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All About Lawicke
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