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 Wild Pokémon

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PostSubject: Wild Pokémon   Wild Pokémon Icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2017 5:03 pm

CaterpieWild Pokémon 010MSVery Common
WeedleWild Pokémon 013MSVery Common
PidgeyWild Pokémon 016MSVery Common
SpinarakWild Pokémon 167MSVery Common
PoochyenaWild Pokémon 261MSVery Common
ZigzagoonWild Pokémon 263MSVery Common
WurmpleWild Pokémon 265MSVery Common
SeedotWild Pokémon 273MSVery Common
TaillowWild Pokémon 276MSVery Common
PidoveWild Pokémon 519MSVery Common
SewaddleWild Pokémon 540MSVery Common
ScatterbugWild Pokémon 664MSVery Common
PikipekWild Pokémon 731MSVery Common
GrubbinWild Pokémon 736MSVery Common
BounsweetWild Pokémon 761MSVery Common
HoothootWild Pokémon 163MSCommon
LedybaWild Pokémon 165MSCommon
NincadaWild Pokémon 290MSCommon
SkittyWild Pokémon 300MSCommon
PlusleWild Pokémon 311MSCommon
MinunWild Pokémon 312MSCommon
VolbeatWild Pokémon 313MSCommon
IllumiseWild Pokémon 314MSCommon
BudewWild Pokémon 406MSCommon
BurmyWild Pokémon 412MSCommon
CombeeWild Pokémon 415MSCommon
PachirisuWild Pokémon 417MSCommon
CherubiWild Pokémon 420MSCommon
PetililWild Pokémon 548MSCommon
DeerlingWild Pokémon 585MSCommon
EmolgaWild Pokémon 587MSCommon
PhantumpWild Pokémon 708MSCommon
FomantisWild Pokémon 753MSCommon
MorelullWild Pokémon 755MSCommon
ComfeyWild Pokémon 764MSCommon
PichuWild Pokémon 172MSUncommon
BonslyWild Pokémon 438MSUncommon
HeracrossWild Pokémon 214MSUncommon
PinecoWild Pokémon 204MSUncommon
ShroomishWild Pokémon 285MSUncommon
SlakothWild Pokémon 287MSUncommon
ShinxWild Pokémon 403MSUncommon
PansageWild Pokémon 511MSUncommon
VenipedeWild Pokémon 543MSUncommon
FerroseedWild Pokémon 597MSUncommon
AxewWild Pokémon 610MSUncommon
FletchlingWild Pokémon 661MSUncommon
FurfrouWild Pokémon 676MSUncommon
PanchamWild Pokémon 674MSUncommon
StuffulWild Pokémon 759MSUncommon
OranguruWild Pokémon 765MSUncommon
PassimianWild Pokémon 766MSUncommon
KomalaWild Pokémon 775MSUncommon
BulbasaurWild Pokémon 001MSRare
ChikoritaWild Pokémon 152MSRare
StantlerWild Pokémon 234MSRare
TreeckoWild Pokémon 252MSRare
TropiusWild Pokémon 357MSRare
TurtwigWild Pokémon 387MSRare
SnivyWild Pokémon 495MSRare
ChespinWild Pokémon 650MSRare
FennekinWild Pokémon 653MSRare
RowletWild Pokémon 722MSRare
LittenWild Pokémon 725MSRare
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Wild Pokémon
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