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 Wild Pokémon

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Wild Pokémon Empty
PostSubject: Wild Pokémon   Wild Pokémon Icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2017 3:49 pm

RattataWild Pokémon 019MS
Wild Pokémon 019AMS
Very Common
SpearowWild Pokémon 021MSVery Common
OddishWild Pokémon 043MSVery Common
SentretWild Pokémon 161MSVery Common
HoppipWild Pokémon 187MSVery Common
SunkernWild Pokémon 191MSVery Common
StarlyWild Pokémon 396MSVery Common
PatratWild Pokémon 504MSVery Common
YungoosWild Pokémon 734MSVery Common
EkansWild Pokémon 023MSCommon
Nidoran♀Wild Pokémon 029MSCommon
Nidoran♂Wild Pokémon 032MSCommon
IgglybuffWild Pokémon 174MSCommon
DrowzeeWild Pokémon 096MSCommon
TaurosWild Pokémon 128MSCommon
MareepWild Pokémon 179MSCommon
MiltankWild Pokémon 241MSCommon
ElectrikeWild Pokémon 309MSCommon
KricketotWild Pokémon 401MSCommon
BunearyWild Pokémon 427MSCommon
LillipupWild Pokémon 506MSCommon
PurrloinWild Pokémon 509MSCommon
AudinoWild Pokémon 531MSCommon
CottoneeWild Pokémon 546MSCommon
MinccinoWild Pokémon 572MSCommon
BouffalantWild Pokémon 626MSCommon
BunnelbyWild Pokémon 659MSCommon
RockruffWild Pokémon 744MSCommon
VulpixWild Pokémon 037MS
Wild Pokémon 037AMS
GrowlitheWild Pokémon 058MSUncommon
PonytaWild Pokémon 077MSUncommon
DoduoWild Pokémon 084MSUncommon
HappinyWild Pokémon 440MSUncommon
GirafarigWild Pokémon 203MSUncommon
ZangooseWild Pokémon 335MSUncommon
SeviperWild Pokémon 336MSUncommon
BlitzleWild Pokémon 522MSUncommon
LitleoWild Pokémon 667MSUncommon
PumpkabooWild Pokémon 710MSUncommon
Farfetch'dWild Pokémon 083MSRare
KangaskhanWild Pokémon 115MSRare
TepigWild Pokémon 498MSRare
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Wild Pokémon
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