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 Breeding Pairs

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PostSubject: Breeding Pairs   Breeding Pairs Icon_minitimeWed Jan 04, 2017 2:04 pm

Pokémon left in the barn with a compatible partner will produce an egg after one week. During this time, the Pokémon cannot be used to battle or otherwise be carried in its trainer's party. This is their honeymoon spot—give 'em a break. Genderless Pokémon can only breed with Ditto. Pokémon bred in the barn will have access to egg moves and may be easier to obtain than finding a specimen in the wild. Most importantly, it lets your best friends get laid.

Eggs will always be the mother's species, except when bred with Ditto. Eggs will always hatch into the first stage evolution, even despite trainer tier. Pokémon can only breed with Pokémon within their egg group. All eggs will take one week in its trainer's party to hatch. They will not hatch if kept in PC storage.

Two trainers can cooperate to get their Pokémon to breed.

Current Partners

If you'd like to drop off a Pokémon to breed, PM a staff member so you can be added to this list.
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Breeding Pairs
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