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 How to Make a Transaction

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How to Make a Transaction Empty
PostSubject: How to Make a Transaction   How to Make a Transaction Icon_minitimeWed Jan 04, 2017 12:52 pm

Every time you want to make a new purchase, make a new topic and fill out the following template.

[b]Total Cost:[/b]
[b]New Credit Balance:[/b]

Your new credit balance is how many credits you'll have after your purchase. After your purchase is approved and your credits are updated, update your dedicated thread in the Inventory forum.

When selling valuable items, fill out this template.

[b]Total Value:[/b]
[b]New Credit Balance:[/b]

Keep in mind that only specific items (such as Pearls, Rare Bones, etc.) can be sold at the commissary. All other items must be sold at the Bulletin Board.
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How to Make a Transaction
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