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 General Items

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PostSubject: General Items   General Items Icon_minitimeWed Jan 04, 2017 12:42 pm

Master BallGeneral Items Masterball2,500 credits
Key StoneGeneral Items Keystone2,000 credits
Z-RingGeneral Items Zring2,000 credits
FossilGeneral Items Helixfossil1,500 credits
Mega StoneGeneral Items Bag_Charizardite_X_Sprite1,500 credits
Z-CrystalGeneral Items Normaliumz1,500 credits
PokéfluteGeneral Items Pokeflute1,300 credits
LeftoversGeneral Items Leftovers1,000 credits
Life OrbGeneral Items Lifeorb1,000 credits
Rocky HelmetGeneral Items Rockyhelmet1,000 credits
Choice BandGeneral Items Choiceband900 credits
Choice ScarfGeneral Items Choicescarf900 credits
Assault VestGeneral Items Assaultvest800 credits
Big RootGeneral Items Bigroot800 credits
Shell BellGeneral Items Shellbell800 credits
Protective PadsGeneral Items Protectivepads800 credits
Safety GogglesGeneral Items Safetygoggles800 credits
Binding BandGeneral Items Bindingband700 credits
Damp RockGeneral Items Damprock700 credits
Grip ClawGeneral Items Gripclaw700 credits
Heat RockGeneral Items Heatrock700 credits
Icy RockGeneral Items Icyrock700 credits
Smooth RockGeneral Items Smoothrock700 credits
Light ClayGeneral Items Lightclay700 credits
Terrain ExtenderGeneral Items Terrainextender700 credits
Flame OrbGeneral Items Flameorb600 credits
Toxic OrbGeneral Items Toxicorb600 credits
Sticky BarbGeneral Items Stickybarb600 credits
Black SludgeGeneral Items Blacksludge600 credits
Deep Sea ScaleGeneral Items Deepseascale550 credits
Deep Sea ToothGeneral Items Deepseatooth550 credits
EvioliteGeneral Items Eviolite550 credits
Light BallGeneral Items Lightball550 credits
Metal PowderGeneral Items Metalpowder550 credits
Quick PowderGeneral Items Quickpowder550 credits
StickGeneral Items Stick550 credits
Thick ClubGeneral Items Thickclub550 credits
Lucky PunchGeneral Items Luckypunch550 credits
Amulet CoinGeneral Items Amuletcoin500 credits
Character SlotGeneral Items RedRGBwalkdown500 credits
Destiny KnotGeneral Items Destinyknot500 credits
Eject ButtonGeneral Items Ejectbutton500 credits
Float StoneGeneral Items Floatstone500 credits
Red CardGeneral Items Redcard500 credits
Shed ShellGeneral Items Shedshell500 credits
Focus SashGeneral Items Focussash400 credits
Air BalloonGeneral Items Airballoon400 credits
Mental HerbGeneral Items Mentalherb300 credits
Power HerbGeneral Items Powerherb300 credits
White HerbGeneral Items Whiteherb300 credits
Lum BerryGeneral Items Lumberry200 credits
Sitrus BerryGeneral Items Sitrusberry200 credits
Aspear BerryGeneral Items Aspearberry100 credits
Cheri BerryGeneral Items Cheriberry100 credits
Chesto BerryGeneral Items Chestoberry100 credits
Oran BerryGeneral Items Oranberry100 credits
Pecha BerryGeneral Items Pechaberry100 credits
Persim BerryGeneral Items Persimberry100 credits
Poké BallGeneral Items Pokeball25 credits
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General Items
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