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 General Items

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PostSubject: General Items   Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:42 pm

Master Ball2,500 credits
Key Stone2,000 credits
Z-Ring2,000 credits
Fossil1,500 credits
Mega Stone1,500 credits
Z-Crystal1,500 credits
Pokéflute1,300 credits
Leftovers1,000 credits
Life Orb1,000 credits
Rocky Helmet1,000 credits
Choice Band900 credits
Choice Scarf900 credits
Assault Vest800 credits
Big Root800 credits
Shell Bell800 credits
Protective Pads800 credits
Safety Goggles800 credits
Binding Band700 credits
Damp Rock700 credits
Grip Claw700 credits
Heat Rock700 credits
Icy Rock700 credits
Smooth Rock700 credits
Light Clay700 credits
Terrain Extender700 credits
Flame Orb600 credits
Toxic Orb600 credits
Sticky Barb600 credits
Black Sludge600 credits
Deep Sea Scale550 credits
Deep Sea Tooth550 credits
Eviolite550 credits
Light Ball550 credits
Metal Powder550 credits
Quick Powder550 credits
Stick550 credits
Thick Club550 credits
Lucky Punch550 credits
Amulet Coin500 credits
Character Slot500 credits
Destiny Knot500 credits
Eject Button500 credits
Float Stone500 credits
Red Card500 credits
Shed Shell500 credits
Focus Sash400 credits
Air Balloon400 credits
Mental Herb300 credits
Power Herb300 credits
White Herb300 credits
Lum Berry200 credits
Sitrus Berry200 credits
Aspear Berry100 credits
Cheri Berry100 credits
Chesto Berry100 credits
Oran Berry100 credits
Pecha Berry100 credits
Persim Berry100 credits
Poké Ball25 credits
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General Items
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