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 Using the Bulletin Board

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PostSubject: Using the Bulletin Board   Using the Bulletin Board Icon_minitimeTue Jan 03, 2017 1:39 pm

There's more ways to earn credits than just battles. Need something done, and your fellow students will be eager to help... for a price. Pay up by posting in the Losses forum, which will automatically deduct credits. Job-takers can post in Earnings to collect their credits, assuming a job well done. Conditions and exact pay is up to negotiation, of course. Please tag postings appropriately.

Listings are ostensibly anonymous unless otherwise stated.

For specific one-time tasks.
Example Title: [MISSION] yo if someone steals the answer sheet for this exam i'll suck your dick

Looking for some revenge? Want to see someone cut down to size? Put up a bounty! Offer credits to knock off or humiliate a rival. If your bounty hunter fails, you won't be expected to pay up. A bounty will automatically be placed on any trainer who goes into debt.
Example Title: [BOUNTY] Knock this punk down a peg

Hire another student for more traditional work, like a bodyguard or someone to do your homework. For regular work, you can even negotiate a salary.
Example Title: [WORK] Looking for a personal slave to feed me grapes
[WORK REQUEST] will feed grapes for credits

Easy money in the short term, trouble in the long term. Only Team Dusk members can provide loans. Pin your request on the board and a member may choose to fulfill your request. Fail to pay up within a negotiated time frame however, and you might just end up with a Black Mark.
Example Title: [LOAN REQUEST] halp pls ;3;

High-risk, high-reward. Put your credits on high-profiles battles or other events and reap the rewards. Or not.
Example Title: [BET] Guest versus SleepyNet!

Sometimes bundled in with bounties. 'Hits,' as they are euphemistically known among students, are robberies. With a hit, you'll be able to take a student's license (along with all their credits), their Pokémon, or an item. What you do with any of these is up to you. When licenses are reported stolen, the card will soon be frozen and a new one will be issued, but the credits can't be recovered.
Example Title: [HIT] Pay this person a visit :)
[BOUNTY] [HIT] With love

Put up items in your inventory for credits. Stolen items are often resold if they're not being kept by the original owner, a trade especially dominated by Team Dusk. However, it's often cheaper than the school commissary...
Example Title: [SALE] Lovely Focus Band, gently used
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Using the Bulletin Board
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