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 Rank-Up Template

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PostSubject: Rank-Up Template   Rank-Up Template Icon_minitimeTue Jan 03, 2017 1:10 pm

When your teachers have noted significant advancement in your skill and growth, you will be called in for a special examination. Fill out the template once you reach the tier requirements and an admin will prepare your task.

[b]Current Tier:[/b]
[b]Creation Link:[/b] [url=link]link[/url]

[b]Favored Trial:[/b]

Your favored trial would be your preferred type of examination. There are three main categories, although others may be available if you wish to request something special. If you want it to be a surprise, just put N/A. Your character won't know what type of trial it'll be; this is just your preference as a roleplayer.

Type Leader
Battle a teacher who will pull from the school's vast resources to build a random team, often based around a single type.
Totem Pokémon
Battle a specially trained wild Pokémon.
Complete a special task set out by the school.

Trainers can do joint trials with other students if requested or if set up by the school.

If you fail your exam, you must wait one week before you are called in again.
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Rank-Up Template
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